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    Post  Admin on Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:28 am


    [b]EZC Journal[/b]
    Day 1,603 of the New World
    10 April 2012




    Sometimes it takes the strangest idea to start a movement...

    Take 3 minutes to watch this video:


    The dude in the beginning of the video was so... weird... that there are actually multiple postings of this on youtube from a variety of different angles. In other words, while that guy was off doing his own crazy thing, everyone around him thought he was bizarre enough to grab the smartphone and start recording.

    But something interesting happens. Another dude appears.

    Then another dude.

    Then like two more.

    Then like five more.

    And within a minute and a half, people are literally RUNNING to join in.

    What started out looking like a bad acid trip for some random loner turned into a massive dance party.


    What does it take to start a movement?

    The guy at Sasquatch 2009 (watch the video) was not the best dancer, didn't have very good rhythm, fell down a few times, and (if you watch the [url=]long version[/url]) had to endure a bit of mockery and some early failures.

    But that dude was COMMITTED. Nothing was going to stop him.
    And that dude was UNIQUE. Nobody else on that hill was even close.
    And that dude was SUCCESSFUL. Eventually, he wasn't even discernable in that mob.

    And that is what it takes to start a movement:
    and Success


    Easy Company Militia is on the cutting edge of doing all three.


    There are L O N G T I M E members like [url=]Sozo[/url], [url=]Heero Blaze[/url], and [url=]LordBryant[/url].

    There are behind-the-scenes benevolent givers like ballmonkey, WintersFury1, Greene12, and a growing list of resource donators.

    There are hard core devotees like

    There is the XO and Lead Quartermaster [url=]Neron Trocki[/url] and his team of QM beasts stewy, heysenberg, Malarkey83, Matthew Hall, randomjacker, SempreNox, and Mr. BoobooKittybottoms.

    Commitment is NOT an issue.


    One thing EZC is NOT is a group hang-out for the Federalist Party.


    You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking


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